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Renters, Homeowners, Community Members:

Now, with over 16 million people filing for unemployment, it has become even more crucial that the demands to cancel rent, mortgage and utility payments are met.

Together we are building a powerful movement of renters, homeowners and community members across the country to win homes for all. Join us and take action on Monday, April 20th with thousands across the country by contacting your representatives and telling them to cancel rent, mortgage and utility payments. These demands are not just to help our communities get through this crisis, but to ensure a #DebtFreeFuture and healthy, safe, thriving communities for us all.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, join the Beyond Recovery National Call this to connect with a growing community of people moving towards a shared vision and to find out how you can plug into the campaign!


⚡️April 20th: Call-In to Cancel Rent⚡️


TODAY: Help spread the word on Facebook--Invite your friends, family & community to join you on Monday and Call-In to Cancel Rent!

Click here for a step-by-step guide and a longer version of the call script below.


📞Call 'Em Up! 📞

Call your governor's office. Tell them you would like to speak to the governor about the urgent housing needs of people across the state during and after the COVID-19 Crisis.  If they try to transfer you to someone else, ask them: “First, can you please write down my name and five main points?” Then you can also talk to the person they transfer you to or leave a message if you get a voicemail.


Point 1: Immediately Cancel Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Payments, No New Debts.

Point 2: Turn Vacant Units into Safe Homes and Decrease the Spread of COVID-19 by Releasing People from Cages

Point 3: Permanent Refuge and Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures, Raids, Sweeps

Point 4: Prohibit Utility Shut Offs, Rate Increases and Restore Service to all Households

Point 5: Guarantee unemployment, sick-time and paid leave, health care, safety and protections for workers, and a living wage for all.



✨April 22nd✨ Join the #CancelRent National Call!

Every Wednesday at 7pm ET/4pm PT we will be hosting #CancelRent National Calls with organizers and community members across the country interested in joining the Beyond Recovery campaign. Join us to find out more about the growing movement to #CancelRent #CancelMortgages and win #HomesForAll in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Together we can win a future with healthy, thriving and stable communities for us all. Register today to learn more about the work that is happening across the country and how you can plug in!


Check out this folder of resources to support folks that want to join the fight to #CancelRent including:

  • Sample letters you can send to your landlord
  • A list of online movement spaces
  • The Homes For All Greenbook - An Organizing Guide (created before the coronavirus outbreak)
  • A database of state-by-state organizing resources 

Beyond Recovery: Our Demands

We want a future free from debt. We call on state and federal officials, corporate landlords, utility companies and banks to cancel all rent, mortgage and utility payments and ensure no new debt during this crisis. 

We want a future with safe, dignified and cage-free shelter and sanctuary and homes for all. We call on our government to halt evictions, foreclosures, raids and sweeps and to turn vacant units into safe homes & refuge for people experiencing homelessness and to ensure the well-being of those incarcerated or detained and the general public by releasing our people from cages. 

We want a future where utilities vital to our personal and collective health are guaranteed. We must prohibit all utilities shut offs, rate increases and restore essential services to all households. We must guarantee water, electricity, gas, phone and internet essential to our health and well-being.  

We want a future where our work is valued and protected. The COVID-19 crisis is showing clearly who the most essential workers are in our world - and it’s not the CEOs and the 1%. It’s the teachers, the warehouse workers, the nurses, the domestic workers, the home health aides and service workers. We must guarantee unemployment, sick-time and paid leave, health care, safety and protections for workers, and a living-wage for all.


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